3 fascinating digital facts


stick_figure_holding_a_pixedlated_arrow_400_clr_12794Many of you know SCS is consciously investing time and money to keep up with digital platforms. Why? because Supply Chain is 50% physical and 50% digital.

The impact of data on a slick supply chain is huge. Look at any leading edge supplier and the investment in logistics orientated data is significant. EDI, WMS, FMS, WEB, Forecasting, Cost to Serve modelling, KPI, SSCC, ASN, EAN, ANSI/EDIFACT, ERP…the list goes on.

I’m off to Sydney next month for the On-line retailer conference to keep up to date with Australia’s views on the latest ecommerce trends, my involvement with Cate Bryant at NZ Ecommerce led me to an article on trends identified in the US, these three caught my eye

Bet you wish we could do this with your pallet storage costs!

storage costs

This blew me away, retailers know they need to be multichannel (to include web) but how many are building specifically for tablet devices?

tablet growth

and this, wow 10 years ago you couldnt by music on line…

music sales


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