How to compare in-house costs with an outsourced (3pl) model


apples_to_oranges_400_clr_5502In a recent survey 85% of our clients admitted they saved up to 50% on their fulfilment costs by using SCS.

In our professional services division we do a lot of complex financial data modelling. Our experience is that most clients will save between 15-25% of their fulfilment costs by using SCS.

It’s one of the key reasons I fell in love with this business model, I can serve customers, do it better than they can (IT, focus and knowhow) for less (because of scale) and make money.

An area people often struggle with is accurately aligning the costs in their GL structure to our rate card, few do this well initially so I’ve put together a simple two page document showing how our costs centers aggregate to our high level labour and storage rates, this will help new buyers map their GL codes correctly and its also a good reminder to existing clients to see what goes on behind the scenes and what amazing value you are getting!

Comparing in-sourced (inhouse) vs. out-sourced (3PL)

3pl comparing insource with outsource





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