ecommerce nz inaugural launch day



Yesterday (21/05/14) was the launch day for Ecommerce NZ. ENZ is NZ on-line retail association. Their goal is to provide resources to help NZ businesses grow their ecommerce revenue locally and internationally

Ecommerce NZ is led by Cate Bryant, Cate is an industry expert who specialises in helping large bricks and mortar retailers establish and leverage their well known brands and store networks in the online channel. Cate’s knowledge and network is remarkable. ENZ is launching a new web site in the next few weeks however if you want to learn more about it a good place to start is to check our Cate on Linked In.

The launch day yesterday was an expedition, we visited Grab One in Newmarket and were given a tour around their incredibly modern tech savvy data driven business, it was an amazing insight into to a hugely successful business managed by very intelligent individuals. Stephen Bridle from Market View shared some fascinating, data driven facts around ecommerce buying trends. SCS then had a presentation and tour around our facilities where I explained what I feel a lot of the challenges and opportunities for up and coming etailers are in the fulfullment arena that we have seen first hand. I discussed and showcased a number of proprietary processing models we have built just for B2C clientele. One of our clients Louisa from Belly Beyond shared her views on outsourcing and the benefits that the right partner can deliver (including her first holiday in Fiji now that the owners are not processing orders!). Staci from Barkers discussed techniques they employ around their digital strategy that have produced incredible results (an incredibly strong focus on CS).

All in all it was a really good day, hugely informative, covered a lot of different elements that support a successful digital income stream that opened a lot of eyes. The things that blew me away were the quality of businesses present and the openness of members to share ideas as we all work to build valuable ecommerce platforms for our businesses and clients,  I was also surprised at just how specialist, scientific and data driven ecommerce businesses must be to manage this channel profitably.

About five years ago I read an article that predicted 20% of retail would be on-line by 20/20, this still stands in my view, for this reason we have a built a number of B2C centric supply chain models, if you want to discuss opportunities drop me a line, our network of quality B2C providers is now really good and if we cant help you we can certainly point you in the right direction, this alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Attached is a copy of our presentation enz (note: you’ll need permissions in your network to download this file and you’ll need powerpoint installed, if you have anu issues email me directlu and I’ll email it to you

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