PaT – Part 2 – Quick video presentation


PaT will solve 50% of an organisations staff problems, 100% of your companies training issues and much much more…

A number of people have been asking me “What exactly is PaT?” PaT is best described as an HR tool on steroids, that said we are starting to refer to PaT internally as a People Management Eco system, I’ve put this quick video presentation together to provide an overview of some of the key features, what PaT claims to do, the technologies PaT is built in and a bit about how you implement PaT.

Below is a link to printed version of the presentation (it has not rendered perfectly but it’s ok)

PaT Sales Presentation

In the next blog release we will have a video showing you inside the PAM part of PaT  as a user and how staff or suppliers or customers  gain knowledge and certification, see you then.






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