PaT – Part 1 – Staff Management Eco System


Hi there, I’ve been promising an update on PaT for a while, I believe that PaT will completely transform a lot of businesses and it is one of the most exciting innovations we have ever built.  PaT is a double acronym, it stands for PAM and TIM. PAM and TIM in turn stand for People Asset Management and Task Integrity Management. PaT is a work in progress, I have been working on it in my own time for over two years, I have had to learn to program in a few languages and I am convinced that it  will  end up being one of the most powerful HR and Staff management tools available in today’s market. SCS clients will get preferential rates and I have no doubt it will deliver new and immense  advantages internally within your businesses as well as  unique competitive advantages both upstream in your supply chain to your suppliers and down through to your customers.

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PaT will open new possibilities to improve your procurement and increase your sales.

We released V 1.0 internally in December and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Soon SCS we will be able to claim to have the most highly trained workforce of any 3PL in the Southern Hemisphere. I kid you not, it’s that good.  A lot of you know I have a passion for IT, I love how systems can improve supply chains, reduce costs, deliver competitive advantages. PaT is our greatest invention yet.

PaT is a culmination of that passion to deliver a world first,  ‘self healing’ (low touch),  cradle to grave HR solution that is literally a complete Staff Management eco system; it does everything to manage your staff including integrated SOPPaC development and training, task management, KPI’s and performance management, employee legislation, time logging with a thorough recruitment module and cloud based staff files storage.

It’s key purpose is to take executive strategy and guarantee world class execution tactically.

The integrated SOPPaC design and multimedia training module by itself is mind blowing.  If this all sounds like gobbled y gook, hang in there, I am going to be releasing  modules of PaT to you via blogs in bite sized chunks over the next few week so you can see what it is and get a sense of what it can do for you business, we’re re-writing the rule book with this one and it could well be one of the most powerful tools you ever use!

A key concept of PaT is SOPPaC.

Standard Operating Procedures (what the organisation does), Polices (their laws) and Concepts (what they believe in culturally) Pat creates two bridges between this knowledge; on the left it links to the roles and responsibilities of the employment contract, to the right it links into the the (multimedia) training capability of the system. Surrounding this it is ‘wrapped’ in a performance management ‘blanket’.

The (current) logo for PaT includes stylised image of Vitruvian Man – Leonardo Da Vinci (circa 1490), it depicts the ideal human proportions, the concept of PaT is to build the ideal staff member. I’ve has some interesting comments, not all positive, some think it is a bit rude or a bit androgynous – let me know your thoughts – I like it but I’m open to change.

See you in the next release of PaT.



PS. I have showed this to one of our larger apparel clients Specialty Fashion Group last week in beta version and they were really impressed, they have 1190 stores across AU and NZ and have said they’d love it in AU so watch out we’ll be invading AU soon!






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